The  Sound of the Eufrodite loudspeaker.

The Hoerning Eufrodite Ellipse DX65 NWB is a speaker which is very easy to listen to. The sound is indeed lightning fast, but also very gentle. Dynamic contrasts and details are displayed with incredible ease. The spatial image is very large and beautifully precise. Bass Display is also special. The bass goes very deep and with great power which can easily power up big rooms, but is also very fast. 4 x 8 inch high speed bas drivers guarantees moving lots of air  with ultra lightning sensitivity towards natural timbre and dynamic inner details. This avoid the use of slow 15 inch/12 inch woofers which is very obvious when listening to loudspeakers where you combine  with a fast drive unit like a  compression horn driver driver. Especially when it has to cover up to 800 Hz which is in most cases is normal . The Eufrodites 4 high speed bas woofers  display of double basses and timpani as example is unprecedentedly good, just genuine. The display of musical notes is simply unique. Very open, clear and complete. All musical notes is viewed by the directly controlled broadband driver DM65H with its lack of cross over filter design. Its phase coherence is therefore very good. This feature makes it very easy for our brain to listen to music. Combine Hoerning Eufrodite Ellipse DXDX65_Rear 65H NWB with a good amplifier and audio Nirvana is one step closer. I invite you to go to one of Hoerning loudspeaker dealers and listen to this beautiful looking and very special state of the art loudspeaker.



Frequency response 25 Hz – 22000 Hz +/-3db

Acoustical low pass filter for 4 woofers controlling both front and back side of diaphragm avoiding sound minimizing filter coil. You get surprised how much a filter coil is ruining the dynamic behavior of a woofer.

acoustical high pass filter with natural roll of for DX65H midrange driver covering 200 Hz  to 12000 Hz , natural roll of above 12000 Hz.

6 db pr octave capacitor filter for 12000 Hz high pass filter.

Impedance: 3 ohm power recommended: 10 watts to 200 watt with volume not over 50 watt. Despite the low 3 ohm impedance the Eufrodite is very easy to drive for a amplifier.

Dimensions: 122 cm high x 33 cm wide and 53 cm deep

Weight:65 kg net each

Weneer choice is depending on stock, normally Tineo apple three, Ebony Macassar wood, Birdseye Maple wood, Rosewood,

Satin Lacquer or option high gloss, high gloss with extra cost.

White and black high gloss with extra cost.

Eufrodite-opstilling.jpg 2018