Music is my passion. Amongst the fine arts, music seems unique in its ability to stir our emotions, whether at live performances, from media broadcasts or in recordings that we all can enjoy

I know we share that passion which is why I have sought, relentlessly, to provide a means to recreate music’s uncompromised beauty. Recordings are extraordinarily complex, to convincingly reproduce music at home ideally requires a system that does nothing to impede the delivery of information from recording to listener.

For two decades Horning loudspeakers have successfully evolved to exceed the ever increasing expectations of the most discerning music lovers. The Horning Eufrodite full range loudspeaker is the pinnacle of that objective. The Eufrodite is both sophisticated yet surprisingly simple, it is the manifestation of a deep appreciation of music translated through an ambitious approach to acoustics into a desirably sensitive and efficient loudspeaker.

We talk of passion, we talk of beauty, we talk of music, we talk of love. These things cannot be measured, only our personal reactions can determine their value. Musicians know instinctively the characteristics of their instruments and hi-fi enthusiasts should recognise, almost spontaneously, the thrilling qualities of superior music reproduction.

The Horning Eufrodite is a powerful, full-range loudspeaker which can shock listeners with the sheer realism and crystal clarity of its delivery. The thrill of hearing music’s dynamic contrasts, its vibrant tonality and spa tial extremes will erase all obsessions about technical details, the experience will affect your body, your heart, your mind, it will take hold of your emotions and you’ll realise this is what you’ve always expected from your favourite recordings.

As you`ll see, it is a handsome, hand made loudspeaker of superior construction and materials which will suit many listening rooms. There is a choice of fine veneers to match any decor. Most importantly, its sensitive design responds supremely with single-ended valve amplifiers which our specialist dealers fully understand.