A speaker is a machine in which an electrical audio signal is transformed into sound. An amplifier enhances the sound. Lately, there are many advanced versions of these speakers in the market. Each one of these speakers is advanced and have a specific purpose. Here are some speakers.

Portable Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth is integrated into almost all of the technology we use every day. This portable device can be carried everywhere on the go. Just connect your desktop, laptop or cellphone and one is good to go. They can be conveniently carried in a bag.

Wireless speakers

Wireless speakers do not have cables and occupy less space. They are extremely easy to handle. They amplify the sound well and one may listen to the music from anywhere.

Wireless speakers

Built-in speakers

All the machines have built-in speakers in them. But not all produce exceptional sound. External speakers are built to handle the sound quality. So, if you have only music on your mind, better invest in a separate speaker.


Subwoofers help play low bass frequencies like the growls, roars and thunders. The bass guitars also sound well using the machines. These are the low-frequency speakers.



These can produce low and medium frequencies between 80-1000 Hz. They find their applications in the use of home cinema. All the sounds are amplified for a theatre experience.


This speaker replicates all the mid-range sounds and covers frequencies between 200 and 300 Hz. It covers most of the regular frequencies and offers the broadest frequency coverage.

High-frequency loudspeaker

These are grand and they handle all the high-frequency sounds. Different loudspeakers are designed to have different ranges of frequency and find their different applications.



If you are looking for a dynamic sound while having to place the speakers against the wall, this is a good choice. When used the plasma, LED and LCD TV, its sound is enhanced. These even mimic the 5.1 and 7.1 sound systems for the best quality sound experience.

Electrostatic speaker

This loudspeaker generates sound by the application of the force to the membranes in the electrostatic field. Its thin membrane does not move much and it receives the power from the amplified, creating sound.

Electrostatic speaker

In Conclusion

Every speaker has their own purpose. Depending upon the living area and the kind of gadgets we would like to be connected to, we must choose the best possible options. If it is at home, a different speaker may be required while if one likes to enjoy music outdoors or in a car, a different model would help.


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