The Agathon

The Agathon, since its appearance on the market in 1994, has been a firm favorite among Hørning enthusiasts due to its advantageous size to performance ratio. Both the DX3 and the DX4 versions offer big sound free from colouration.

They break through the barriers of ordinary loudspeakerperformance – here is the cello, double bass, tympani, organ etc. Potrayed in real size, with real weight. With real attack and decay.

The music is produced effortlessly and without strain and distortion, thus creating a non-fatiguing listening experience. The performance will be so realistic that You will forget about Your Hi-Fi and surrender to Your beloved music.

Please accept our cordial invitation to audition a Hørning Agathon Signature Gold and experience the lifelike impact, spaciousness and natural timbre of living, breathing music.