Everything Agathon can do (and this is despite that Agathon is among the world’s best loudspeakers) The Alkibiades will do better.

The Alkibiades has unbelievable power and dynamic drums comes with total realism and naturalness, full orchestra fortissimo is performed with no strain like no other worldbest loudspeakerperformer. The Alkibiades sound-window is total open. You actually feels You can grab the music performer. Very realistic.

Width, height and depth is no problem with this high, slim and potent physical strong sound performer. – it says: “give it to me and I will show You everything there is”. That’s not all, it will show it with a natural musical timbre. One could go on praising The Alkibiades Signature Gold like You can go on and on with Your recorded music if You are the lucky owner of a pair. The Alkibiades is the speaker that holds the rest of Your life.