Hybrid Loudspeaker

Introducting to the new Hørning Hybrid Loudspeaker Range with H.D.A.Q.C.S.

More then 20 years of intensive research into the Sonic properties of Hybrid Loudspeaker Systems has culminated in the H.D.A.Q.C.S. (Hørning Double Assymmetric Quarter Wave Cabinet/Enclosure System): a system with individual loading for each driver, but with common loadending in a single hyperbolic shaped output pipe with port. Port number two has its position where the subbass starts its loading and this port is done variabel for finetuning bass, midrange, treble, performance with the Hørning Variator. This method of loading the lowbass drive unit and the 8″ wideband drivers allows the construction of reasonably sized cabinets/enclosure, and outperforms systems with completely individual horns!

The high performance, powerfull Lowther 8″ wideband driveunit which is imployed in different versions in our Hybrid Speakerrange is improved dramatically in its entire frequencyrange. The powerfull, highly effecient, lowbass driveunit has much better controleexperienced from the lowest octave to its upper bass. The blend of the two units together with the World’s magnetpowered Hørning Lotus Cone Tweeter gives a world-beating loudspeaker which You will enjoy day after day, year after year.

Today’s speakers favour woofers with long diapragm travel in order to move a certain amount of air from a fashionably small driveunit. This leads to slower recoverytimes, damaging basstiming and creates distortion. In order to avoid such compromises Hørning Hybrid Loudspeakers employ larger, but extremely fast driveunits with very small diapragmmovement. This together with the employment of the H.D.A.Q.C.S. (which secure optimum level of conecontrol through its hard damping ressonance/impedanse properties which gives a flat curve and therefor easy amplifierload).


Furthermore, the H.D.A.Q.C.S. is responsable for the seamless integration between bass, midrange and treble. A midrange so natural makes You think that the wideband 8″ Lowther driver is working completely free, without any kind of diapragms around or voicecoil spider. You will experience a naturally warm and precise reproduction of mail and feamail voices. The powerfull, lowmass Hørning Lotus Cone Tweeter (from 1,9 T to 2,3 T, from 96 dB to 99 dB/w/m).

Gives the best possible reproduction of sibilant sounds, area where the Dome Tweeter has let us down since its appearance on the market. And when it comes to holographic presentation of rooms four dimensions You will find no better tweeter in the World.

All Hørning Loudspeakers utilize the H.D.A.Q.C.S. specially adapted to suit each individual model.

In order to minimize the damaging effect of the used electronic network, we use one resistor, handproduced out of singlebar of 100% pure graphite, without any form of plasticisolation to impair its performance.